Sly Cooper
Sly Cooper
History: The titular Master Thief of the Cooper Gang, Sly Cooper is infamous around the world. As a child, he survived the brutal murder of his entire family by the Fiendish Five, or so he thought. His main goal is to destroy the Clockwerk parts but after a couple of occurrences take place, some of his most disturbing childhood memories come back to haunt him as well as his own family line and friends...

Bentley the Turtle
History:The Brains of the Current Cooper Gang, Bentley the Turtle is the man to turn to for intel, techonology and strategy. A little on the hyperhygenic and neurotic side, Bentley is also the team's demolitions expert. As Sly's long-time friend since the orphanage, he grows more concerned with his friends' wellbeing as well as the suspicious circumstances surrounding them, especially Sir Ralleigh's murder and the disappearance of the Clockwerk parts.

Murray the Hippo
History: The Brawn of the Current Cooper Gang, Murray's at home with wiping the floor with any poor henchman sap that stands in his way as well as unloading any turret fire on unsuspecting enemies. Also Sly's childhood friend from the orphanage, Murray has also noticed the changes and circumstances the murder investigation and Clockwerk parts and their effect on the team.

Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox

Capt. Lita Kino
History:Taking a departure from her original series "Nightmare's Tragedies", here we see Lita as a seasoned Interpol officer, specializing in Homicide. Due to the disappearance and corruption charges held against her partner Rio Santemar, her position is the most volatile in the organization. With Sir Ralleigh's murder case, Lita calls up her old charge, Sly Cooper, to dust off some memories. But as fate would have it, some people would prefer to leave those memories alone.

Aya Ophelia Cooper
History: A mysterious remnant from Sly's childhood, the now 19 year old dedicates herself to a more obscure Cooper branch, the art of assassination. As Sly's cousin, Aya is also a survivor of the Cooper family massacre, but does this femme fatale know more than she lets on?

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